Welcome to attend the EAAE seminar no. 183: Experimental and Behavioural Economics Research in Agri-Food and the Environment 


The seminar will offer a space for debate, discussion and knowledge exchange among young and senior researchers from different sub-fields interested in experimental and behavioural economic methods both from a methodological or empirical perspective.


  • Experimental studies on food consumer behaviour, preferences, value perception 
  • Farmers’ behaviour towards economic incentives and sanctions
  • Farmers’ behaviour under different policy scenarios
  • Lab experiments, lab-in-the-field experimental studies, field experiments: design, evaluation, effects on the results
  • Replications of registered/published experiments in agri-food and environmental economics and marketing
  • Discussions of behavioural public policy/nudging related to decision-making in food system
  • Theoretical and empirical advancements in behavioural economics with a special emphasis on the food system and its actors


The possibility for interaction with distinguished researchers: Jens Rommel (Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences), Maurizio Canavari (University of Bologna), Andreas Drichoutis (Agricultural University of Athens), Carl-Johan Lagerkvist (Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences)